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Guidelines for Reinforcing a Door

The security and safety of your home and everything in the house is important. That is why everyone invests in security measures of different kinds and levels to ensure that their homes are burglar proof and difficult to break in. While it may work in some cases, making sure that you do is locked at all times may not be enough for you to secure your property. One of the most reliable solutions for home owners is reinforcing the doors.

Normal doors are significantly weak and easy to break in and this comes from the fact that it receives pressure at specific points that are easy to target making the wood weak. With proper reinforcement however, the door becomes significantly stronger making it almost impossible for the impact on pressure points to bring it down. To help you make your property safer and more secure, this website has put together all the tips you need to effectively reinforce your doors and make them safer.

Every time you are going out or your suspect that you may not be attentive enough to notice any intrusions, it is important that you keep the doors in your home locked. While most people may consider this to be an obvious solution, not good people pay attention to these since close to 30% of the reported burglary cases involve a burglar accessing the property by working through a door or window that has been left unlocked. Although you may have the most expensive locks on your doors, they are not going to help you keep your property safe if they are not being used. Since you can easily forget to lock your doors whenever you leave the house, it is advisable that you installing electronic deadbolts which automatically lock themselves if the door is left open for a specific amount of time.

To improve the safety and security of your home, it is also advisable that you reinforce the frames of your doors. Regardless of how strong the frames may be, several facilities may end up bringing them down. With reinforced frames, the doors on the property become a lot stronger making it difficult for someone to access the property through forcible entry. It is advisable that you had earlier of steel which prevents the frames from splitting.

To reinforce the door further, it is recommended that you strengthen the edges of the door. Most of the weakness in your door is directed towards the edges. Since most doors are secured to the frame using a bolt and latch, they do not provide enough channels to distribute force in case of kick ins. As a result of this, the edges will get damaged especially in cases where the frames are reinforced.
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